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Welcome to Portsmouth Abbey's Summer Program 2014! 

“Fun and learning, what could be better than that?”

 2014 dates: June 29 - July 26

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Our son had such an incredible experience.  He has learned so much in academics, socially, and in the sport programs.  He came back much more mature and has gained a new self-confidence.  Thank you very much for the academic, as well as the human values you conveyed to our children.  He is already speaking about coming back. 

- from a 2013 parent

Yesterday my daughter came home and said, “I got the highest grade in my class on my math test.”¬† “Wow, that’s great,” I said.¬† “How do you think you got that grade?¬† Did you study more than usual or was the material easy?”¬† “No, I think it was the Abbey Summer Program.¬† We went over all of the materials in my class and now I understand it.”¬†¬† Thank you, Portsmouth Abbey Summer Program!¬†

- from a 2013 parent

The theme for the 2014 Portsmouth Abbey Summer Program is “Stand Out.”

We believe that whatever their age, people Stand Out out by having the conviction to be themselves; by having the desire to be noteworthy and live noteworthy lives, and by having the courage to take themselves outside their comfort zones. Our goal for our students is that when they return home they will Stand Out from the crowd with the confidence that comes from doing good things well. We want our students to take full advantage of all the opportunities available for them here at the Portsmouth Abbey Summer Program, and thereby to be changed by the experience. Whether the biggest impact comes from their classes, or their new friendships, or all the new experiences that await them (and most likely, from all of these combined), all our work with our students is focused on enabling them to return home with a desire to courageously explore new opportunities and to be willing to make their mark in all their endeavors: academic, personal, and in their families and communities. 

Come join us for a great summer, and Stand Out!

Our Philosophy

Since 1943 the Summer Program has introduced young students to the unique spirit of education that has always been a part of Portsmouth Abbey School.  The success of this program in helping young people reach their academic and personal goals (all while having a good measure of fun) is rooted in the celebration of learning, the nurturing of the moral sense that lies within us all, the awakening in each student of their sense of self through participation in enrichment activities, and the importance of athletics and physical activity in fostering a healthy sense of the body.  We know young people do best and learn the most when surrounded by caring adults in a safe environment.  Our goal is that all these elements will help our students on their paths toward wisdom, an appreciation of the fullness of experience, and greater success in school.

Our parents and students have been highly satisfied: over the past two summers, 95% have said the program met their expectations, 94% were very happy with their child's experience, and 94% were interested in having their child return. The top three elements of our program mentioned? Good teachers and preparation for the coming year, a high level of fun, and experience with peers from all over the world. 

As befits our Benedictine tradition, we seek to give our students a unified experience at a measured pace, while allowing for individual needs and interests.  We also seek for them to gain a deep understanding of this place, through multiple lenses (the study of marine ecology and landscape painting in our afternoon enrichment program), so they may gain an understanding of what it means to be grounded in your environment.

I found the Summer Program to be very exciting and interesting.  I was able to get to know many people, to learn about things that interested me, and how to live independently.

- from a 2013 student

The Summer Program is also interested in fostering spiritual growth.  Each morning at the community meeting, students will hear brief talks on character, morality and spirituality, and those meetings end with a prayer.  Each evening in the dorms, check-in and the house meeting ends with a prayer lead either by the adult on duty, a prefect, or a student.  On weekends, students are required to attend either Mass at the school, or another service of their family's choosing.  (For more on the place of religion in the Summer Program, please follow the link in the list at left.)

My son had a wonderful experience at the Summer Program.  I am impressed with the programs and believe they have helped him gain a head start on the busy fall season of back to school.
- from a 2013 parent

Set on our beautiful campus on the shores of Narragansett Bay, the Portsmouth Abbey Summer Program brings together young people from all over the world for classes, activities, athletics and trips around New England.


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