Sarah Sienkiewicz '13

Sarah Sienkiewicz '13

Since graduating from Portsmouth Abbey School in 2013, Sarah spent her first semester of college studying in London through Northeastern University. Since then she has embraced Northeastern University's global and experiential learning opportunities with the co-op program. Through this experience, Sarah has been able to work at three different companies partaking in different marketing roles in order to determine her own path. Currently, Sarah is on co-op as an Assistant Media Planner at Havas Media Group, and is the Marketing Lead at IDEA: Northeastern University's student run venture accelerator.

How did your experience at Portsmouth Abbey School help you become the person & professional you are today?

Portsmouth Abbey has taught me that too much work is never enough! I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to new experiences which ultimately led and gave me the confidence to study abroad my first semester of college. Today, I continue to challenge myself and work hard always keeping in mind the Abbey values of growing in knowledge and grace. At the Abbey we were always taught to be professional not just in the way we dress but with our actions, whether that be in the classroom or on the field. These practices have been ingrained in my brain and have been to my advantage.

What is the best advice you could give to a current student?

Enjoy your time while it lasts because it goes by way too fast! Take advantage of all the experiences the Abbey has to offer, and I know at times it can seem like a tunnel with no end, but once you begin to see the light that is the point when you realize you don't want it to end. I also encourage you to make strong friendships with your classmates and teachers. I often come back to the Abbey to visit my brother and cousins and always love reconnecting with teachers and fellow classmates to reflect on the good ole days.