Dear Portsmouth Abbey Community, 

We are delighted to report that the search for a new Head of School is well underway and interest in the position is strong. Applications are being received and the Catholic School Management (CSM) staff is vetting candidates, conducting interviews and checking references. 

Members of our search team from CSM were on campus earlier this month and delighted by the hospitality received from all those they encountered. An extensive number of focus groups and interviews were conducted to ensure that all our stakeholder groups had a voice in describing the opportunities and challenges with which the new Head of School will be faced, as well as qualifications desired, advice to the search committee and more.  We are grateful that so many of you took time to provide this input which will guide the search committee as we interview and evaluate candidates.   

Meanwhile, please keep this endeavor in your prayers. 


Portsmouth Abbey School Search Committee 

Mrs. Cara Gontarz Hume '99, Search Chair 
Prior Administrator Very Reverend Michael G. Brunner, O.S.B. 
Mr. W. Christopher Behnke '81 P'12 '15 '19, Board Chair 
Brother Sixtus Roslevich, O.S.B. 
Mr. Christopher Abbate '88 P'20 '23 
Mr. John Bohan P'20 '22 
Dr. Timothy Flanigan '75 P'06 '09 '11 '19 
Dr. Mary Beth Klee P'04