A Look Into Raven Cup 2021

The 2020-21 Raven Cup competition was one for the ages. Students did not let a mere global pandemic deter them from competing with spirit for each of the Raven Cup events this year.

St. Benet’s House, a dominant competitor in recent years, took a slim lead after the first event, the Fall Festival. The St. Benet's girls earned 15 points, closely followed by St. Leonard’s House and St. Brigid’s House with 13 each. The Kickball Tournament featured standout performances from St. Leonard’s and St. Benet’s, propelling St. Benet’s into the lead at 25 points, followed by St. Leonard’s with 23, St. Brigid’s with 21, and St. Aelred’s with 11. St. Leonard’s House moved up to tie St. Benet’s at 33 after the Trivia Bowl. St. Brigid’s and St. Aelred’s followed. At that point in the competition, St. Mary’s House, St. Martin’s House, Manor House, and St. Hugh’s House were mired in single-digit totals; however, all Houses came to the plate for the Headmaster’s Run, which was a spring event this year. St. Brigid’s House vaulted into first place with 71 points, followed by St. Benet’s (69), St. Leonard’s (67), St. Mary’s (54), St. Aelred’s (51), and Manor House (49). With 60 points on the line for the final event, Springfest, it was still anyone’s competition to win.


Springfest Scores


1st place: St. Brigid's

2nd place: St. Benet's



1st place: St. Aelred's

2nd place: St. Hugh's


Tug O War

1st place: St. Brigid's

2nd place: St. Mary's

1st place: St. Martin's

2nd place: St. Aelred's



1. St. Brigid's 127

2. St. Benet's 110

3. St. Aelred's 102

4. St. Mary's 99

5. St. Leonard's 97

6. St. Martin's 92

7. Manor House 85

8. St. Hugh's 82