Abbey Strong Hiking Challenge - Final Results


Congratulations to students and faculty for exceeding their RAVEN STRONG HIKING FITNESS CHALLENGE goals!

The Third- and Fourth-Form team combined for 2,419 miles and easily conquered the Appalachian Trail (2,200 Miles), while the Fifth- and Sixth-Form team rallied for 3,142 miles, crushing the Pacific Crest Trail (2,653 Miles) with miles to spare!

The faculty/staff team eked out a victory in their Appalachian trail challenge at 2,611 miles!

Overall the Abbey Community logged 8,174 miles!

Team Leaders:

Form III - Fletcher 117 miles and Natalie 69 miles

Form  IV - Alex 818 miles and Hannah 126 miles

Form V - Will 335 miles and Casey 66 miles

Form VI - Aidan 447 miles and Genze140 miles.

Faculty /Staff - Ms. Benestad 400.3 miles and Dr. Billings 400 miles

Keep up the hiking this summer, Ravens!