Abbey Students Attend the March for Life

This year’s March for Life group was the biggest in school history, with 36 students attending -- up from 15 who attended last year. The trip is a combination of art, civics, religion, and relationship building.   Faculty Advisor John Huynh has been chaperoning this annual trip to D.C. since he began teaching at the Abbey.  Mr. Huynh enjoys being able to work with the students to put on a fun, informative, and powerful trip and to see the students making the connections between what they learn in the classroom with what is going on in the world around them. 

“I love leading the March for Life trip because it is so energizing to see hundreds of thousands of people peacefully marching to stand up for the rights of pre-born babies. Our students return to the Abbey with renewed enthusiasm and a better understanding of the hope and momentum of the pro-life community in the U.S."  - John Huynh

Many students who attended expressed gratitude for this life-changing trip. Below are quotes from their experiences.

“There is something so powerful in being in a place with thousands of people who are all there for the same cause. Everyone at the March, especially my own peers, are enthusiastic about the event itself and even more enthusiastic about marching for this selfless cause. There are so many opportunities to talk with new friends and to grow closer with old ones.” - Lucia '21


“This trip changed my life. I appreciate life and mothers so much more now. The museums were so amazing! The crowds were a little stressful at first, but I later saw it as people who all believed in the same thing. Marching for this cause made me so proud to be where I am today. The March also brought me closer to everyone I was with, and it made me so happy to be with so many good people from our school who believe in the idea that life should be treasured. I'm proud to have been able to attend the March for Life.”  - Caroline '23

“I came to realize that being pro-life is more than being anti-abortion.  Being pro-life is a celebration of life and everything that comes with it.  Thank you, Mr. Huynh, for exposing me to such a wonderful cause and showing me why I should care even more for life than I already did.” - Sean '21