An Update from Senor Guerenabarrena

Head of Modern Languages Roberto Guerenabarrena is still exploring the Iberian Peninsula during his spring sabbatical. Read his latest travel update and view photos from his trip.

“Time flies, and here I am still far from home, wandering but not lost. Last month I visited Guernica on the 85th anniversary of the bombing of the city where thousands of people died indiscriminately. It had special meaning for the presence of the Ukrainian consul and for the shows of solidarity with all those who are suffering from a cruel war. Thousands of years on earth, thousands of wars, so much evolution in many aspects… but we continue to make our fellow human beings suffer. The most exciting moment was when at a quarter to five the sirens of the city sounded like 85 years ago when the bombing began. I ended the day with a visit to the Peace Museum, dedicated to the Guernica massacre. 

“This May I traveled through France in the Dordogne region. The region is known for pâtés, cheese, wine and duck confit. Needless to say, my diet during the tour was not very Mediterranean. I visited small towns like Rocamadour, Sarlat and Brives. It is a rural area east of Bordeaux with a quiet, pastoral landscape with numerous medieval villages and chateaus. 

“Now I am preparing the equipment for my next challenge. In a few days I will travel to France to cross the Pyrenees on foot to Iruña. The weather is right for camping in the mountains and I hope to do it in a week. See you soon!”

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