AP Biology Tests Out The Biosafety Cabinet

Aseptic technique is a set of guidelines and practices designed to prevent outside contamination of a research sample. Typically, Aseptic technique is associated with live cell-culture, as any outside contaminant has the potential to overtake and kill the cells, but it can be used in other applications such as PCR as well. It is one of the most common and most important skills a researcher needs to learn if they are working in a Biology lab. Aseptic technique is carried out in a Biosafety cabinet that regulates and filters air flow to create a sterile field. Portsmouth Abbey School is beyond fortunate to have a NuAire Biosafety cabinet in the Biology prep room, and Dr. Zins's AP Biology students were able to test their knowledge by replicating typical Aseptic procedures under the hood. In the future, Dr. Zins hopes to bring cell culture work to the Abbey so that students can investigate these fundamental units of life in a hands-on way.