Community Service in Time of COVID

This Fall Term, the Community Service program is adapting to school and community partner social distancing regulations by reconceiving how service can be experienced at PAS. Dr. Lavallee continues to develop a program that integrates education and reflection, direct in-person service, and virtual direct and indirect service. Both on-campus students and international students learning at a distance are participating in the program which meets during afternoon activity blocks Monday through Friday. 

This first week, students watched a Ted Talk entitled, “Want to Help Someone? Shut up and Listen!” by the inventor of entrepreneurial facilitation, Ernesto Sirioli, Ph.D. Students began to engage their own virtual service opportunities by contacting service organizations around the world through On Wednesday, September 16th, community service members participated in a shoreline cleanup from the end of Corys Lane past the boathouse. Finally, just this week, students are participating in the Happy Mail Project with the Bristol Health Equity Zone by writing notes of encouragement to go along with COVID 19 care packages to be sent to senior residents of local nursing facilities who have been unable to receive visitors for over six months.