Dom Luke Childs Lecture: Gloria Purvis

Portsmouth Abbey School was honored to host Gloria Purvis for an inspiring school lecture: How the Eucharist Fosters Faith and Unity. During his introductory remarks, Fr. Michael Brunner, O.S.B. commended Ms. Purvis for her witness on behalf of the Church saying, “Our speaker today is a powerful exemplar of the earthly and heavenly reality of the Church. If influence is a form of power, Gloria Purvis is a powerful Catholic Black woman.”

With great detail, humor, and sincerity, Ms. Purvis recounted her upbringing in a predominately Protestant environment in Charleston, SC before entering Catholic school and converting to Catholicism. She described the captivating moment as a youth when her attention was transfixed on the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and knew unequivocally that Jesus was present. This moment would change her life and lead her to become Catholic and lead a Catholic life. It also inspired her to share with others the power of the Eucharist so that they too can be transformed through it.

Following her presentation, Ms. Purvis graciously met with a number of students for one-on-one conversations giving the students an opportunity to share how her story impacted them.