Exploring New Foods

Members of the Jonathan D. Sellitto ‘01 Abbey Culinary Arts Club were unable to leave campus for gastronomic experiences this year, so faculty advisors Mrs. Bonin and Mr. Calisto devised a way to bring the gastronomic experiences to them. Last summer, they chose to help the Rhode Island community by focusing on POC restaurant owners, who generously allowed cameras into their kitchens and gamely answered questions about their culture, food, and the fulfillment of their American dream.  Mrs. Bonin and Mr. Calisto created mini-documentaries of chefs cooking their specialties, which included baked goods along with savory Jamaican, Cambodian, Mexican, Indian, Jewish, and Belgian-Congolese dishes. Because editing took the better part of the year, Mrs. Bonin and Mr. Calisto began showing the videos this spring to the student club members, while sharing with them the food they saw created on screen. 

View the videos on the club's website here.