Head Boy, Head Girl for 2021-22 Elected


Mason Holling ‘22 (right) and Marron Gibbons ‘22 have been elected Head Boy and Head Girl, respectively, for the 2021-22 school year. Elections took place last week. 

Mason and Marron are both day students from Portsmouth, RI, and were elected following recorded speeches by a total of fourteen candidates (four girls and ten boys) who ran for the position. The other candidates were: Alex Adams, Thomas Belcastro, Caroline Bohan, Gwen Bragan, Kenza Domyou, Nathaniel Gonzalez, Nolan O’Reilly, Kene Ogbuefi, Darrell Opoku-Kwateng, Parker Polgar, Eamonn Pendergast, and Blake Rossiter. 

“Mason and I are super excited to serve the Abbey community next year," Marron said. "We both love this school so much and as restrictions lift, we can't wait to lead Abbey life and get back to the campus environment we've all missed. We encourage anyone to reach out to us with any questions or suggestions!” 

Thank you to all candidates for your time and effort, and congratulations to Mason and Marron!