Latin Exam Winners

In March 2021 Abbey students took part in the National Latin Exam, a test given nationally and internationally for students to receive reinforcement and recognition for their accomplishments in the classroom. Depending upon their score, students may earn certificates, medals, and may even qualify for scholarships. Over 88,000 students took part in the exam this year.

Congratulations to the following students who medaled in the exam!

Beginning Latin Gold Medals:

Mary Adams '24, Bo Howenstein '24, Javier Christiani '23, Chen Yang '23


Beginning Latin Silver Medals:

Brayden Gittus '24, Xike (Lorna) Liu '24, Nessa McDermott '24, Leyu Wang 23, Austin Zhao '24, Aidan Surber '24, Nate Lee '24, Charlotte West '24


Intermediate Latin Gold Medals:

Cheonjung Kim '23, Chaemin Lee '23, Liam Barry '23, Jane Yang '23, Xiaotong Yu '22, Harrison Lunden '23


Intermediate Latin Silver Medals:

Alexis Buwembo '23, Dajun Yuan '23, Georgia Sones '23, Grayson Stephenson '23, Becca Healey '24


Advanced Poetry Gold Medals:

Patrick Feng '21, Kene Ogbuefi '22, David Shon '22, Joy Wang '22


Advanced Poetry Silver Medals:

Michael Loftus '22, Alex Adams '22, David Yang '22

Two of The Latin Exam winners: Alexis Buwembo '23 and Liam Barry '23