Porches of Portsmouth Abbey

We at Portsmouth Abbey are grateful that, with the help of emergent technologies, we have been able to stay in daily touch with our students and their families, our alumni and friends. The sense of community is so vital to the School’s identity that our mission statement articulates its third “R” as “Responsibility for the shared experience of community life.”  Although the classrooms have been quiet since spring break, our faculty and their families have been living and working here on campus, making sure our distance learning program enriches our students’ stay-at-home experience and prepares them well for their eventual return to the Abbey or, in the case of the Class of 2020, their matriculation at colleges and universities across the nation.

In recognition of the strong connection between our Abbey students and our faculty, Visual Arts Department Head Kevin Calisto and Assistant Director of Communications Katie Blais – in a salute to the Front Porch Photo Project – photographed some of our faculty families on their front steps.

We encourage our students and alumni to share their “porchraits,” using the hashtag #abbeyporchproject to share with the Portsmouth Abbey community.