Prefects for the 2021-22 School Year

During assembly on September 26, 2021, Mrs. Walter, assistant headmaster for student life, recognized the prefects for the 2021-22 school year.  Prefects are student leaders within each residential House who act as role models and mentors for the students; they also assist the houseparents with duties such as room checks and study halls.

"There’s a tradition at the Abbey where prefects receive a small pin. They are worn at commencement and can be worn every day. These pins are pretty small, hard to see unless you are up close. But the symbolic weight of the prefect pin is substantial. It represents a daily dedication to the idea that you are living a life of service, that the needs of others come before your own, that you must make the difficult decision to do the right thing every time, that you have the ability to shape school culture, that you are a role model for others at every minute of every day." - Mrs. Walter

The Portsmouth Abbey School 2021-22 Prefects at the New Student Picnic, September 2021