Social Distancing Journals: Sam Funnell

The world looks very different today from when spring break started at the end of February. Instead of students returning to campus this week, faculty and staff are working to develop online curricula in the face of this rapidly changing global pandemic. Everyone is also adapting to this new normal of staying home and social distancing to help stop the spread of Covid-19.  We asked a number of our faculty for their recommendations for reading and watching, as well as other creative ways that they are spending their time; we will be sharing these over our spring term of distance learning.

Sam Funnell, is assistant director of Admissions as well as an assistant houseparent in St. Aelreds. Sam and his dog Goose share what they have been doing during this time, including binging a certain addictive show about tigers!

With extra time on my hands, I've been doing a lot to try to stay busy! First off my dog, Goose, and I have been going on some beach walks (he and all other dogs are probably the only ones enjoying social distancing). I'm currently reading Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and I've also been meaning to read Educated by Tara Westover, so I think I'll tackle that next. I've been watching a lot of Brooklyn 99 and Curb Your Enthusiasm, and obviously Tiger King. It's a must-watch. Last year, I bought a ukulele but never found the time to learn how to play it, so I've been working on that as well. The Micheletti's, St. Thomas's and I also all have record players, so we've started a little music exchange. Some of my favorite albums right now are Marcus King (El Dorado), Caamp (By and By), Waxahatchee (St. Cloud), and Sturgill Simpson (A Sailors Guide to Earth); check them out! Also, if you're a music fan a lot of bands have been doing virtual concerts on Twitch and Instagram live, so that can be a cool way to spend an evening. I streamed a whole virtual music festival a few weeks ago!