Social Distancing Journals: Corie McDermott-Fazzino

The world looks very different today from when spring break started at the end of February. Instead of students returning to campus for spring term, faculty and staff developed an online curricula in the face of this rapidly changing global pandemic. Everyone is also adapting to this new normal of staying home and social distancing to help stop the spread of Covid-19.  We asked a number of our faculty for their recommendations for reading and watching, as well as other creative ways that they are spending their time; we will be sharing these over our spring term of distance learning.

Head of College Counseling, Corie McDermott-Fazzino, is spending this time taking in the beauty of the estuary and Narragansett Bay with her husband Chris and son Wyatt. 

The change of the seasons--more sun, warmth, and flowers!--means we have been outside as a family. We planted herb seeds and track their growth. We raked the yard. We smell the hyacinth flowers in our front garden. And, we take almost daily field trips to the estuary. Wyatt is learning about the tides, the various types of shells, the osprey (they have a nest!), brackish water, and other sea life. I'm certain we have thrown at least 500 rocks into the ocean--at least. When the weather doesn't cooperate, we read books (We're Going on a Bear Hunt is a current favorite), play music (or rather Wyatt hacks at the guitar while I'm playing it), and watch Sesame Street (Elmo, you would be curious to know, is also practicing social distancing).