Social Distancing Journals: Mitchell Green '11

The world looks very different today from when spring break started at the end of February. Instead of students returning to campus for spring term, faculty and staff developed an online curricula in the face of this rapidly changing global pandemic. Everyone is also adapting to this new normal of staying home and social distancing to help stop the spread of Covid-19.  We asked a number of our faculty for their recommendations for reading and watching, as well as other creative ways that they are spending their time; we will be sharing these over our spring term of distance learning.

Mitchell Green '11 teaches science and is assistant houseparent in St. Aelreds, he is taking advantage of the vast Abbey campus by taking his dog for long walks. Below are his picks for books and movies to help fill the time.

Book recommendation: rereading The Lord of the Rings just because I love those books. I will also probably tackle Collapse by Jared Diamond at some point since I loved his book Guns, Germs, and Steel. Movie/TV: I'm trying to watch as many movies, especially ones I missed from the past year, as possible. Recently watched Knives Out and will probably watch Ford vs. Ferrari soon. For hobbies, I like going for runs and going for long walks with my dog, especially with more time and nicer weather (and nowhere to go); it has been so nice to get long walks in. Good stay-at-home recipes: Naan bread pizzas - really easy to make if you get the naan and sauce/cheese/toppings, especially good for nights in, and way better than frozen pizzas!