Spring Sports at The Abbey

After a 561-day interscholastic sports pause, the Portsmouth Abbey spring athletic season kicked off with an energetic round of competition as the boys' varsity lacrosse team challenged the Naval Academy Preparatory School on March 27. Players and spectators were thrilled to welcome competition back to campus, a testament to the vigilance of the athletic department, the infirmary, faculty, staff and students throughout the year. 

In addition, four games were played over Easter weekend, with a full slate of away and home games continuing through April. View a full schedule here.

Our competitors looked a little different this year as Mr. Brown and Ms. Jones have intentionally chosen schools that have similar testing schedules and COVID-19 protocols to the Abbey and that can accommodate multi-sport events in a single day.  The most exciting news is that parents have been able to watch games in person, given they follow COVID-19 regulations.

Students and coaches alike are excited to enjoy a "real" season after last spring's cancellation -- especially Sixth-Form athletes who were not sure if they would be able to play before they graduated.

"I am excited to be able to compete again. Seeing last year's seniors lose their last season was heartbreaking, so I am excited to be able to compete again. This will also be the first game against another school since last winter so I can't wait to finally have an official game; no matter the protocols in place. - Lulu '21

One upside to the lack of games during the Fall and Winter Terms was the ability to offer spring-sports clinics throughout the year, thereby enabling extra practices and team bonding before the official start of the season.

"I think that this last year taught me that sailing, though incredibly complex and mentally challenging, rewards those who are able to relax and have confidence in themselves to perform. I have also learned how to really get better at sport-specific fitness." - Alex '22