Students Contribute Talents to Covideo Project
Andarza Ivan Covideo Project 2020

Since the country's pandemic shutdown began in March, Ivan Andarza ’22 has been devoting his time and talent to serving in various roles for The Covideo Project. “I contribute footage, serve in the fundraising efforts, am on the social relations team, and a host for the podcast. You will be happy to know that other Abbey students have also joined in, too!” reports Ivan. Portsmouth Abbey students who have also contributed to the organization include Ella Stookey '21, Sofia Aragones '23 (footage contributor), Beau Fenley '21 (footage contributor), and Ona Ogbuefi '23 (footage contributor and fundraising). Project members recently organized an art competition where they exhibited work from the public as well as from their own membership.

The Covideo Project is a worldwide youth initiative that aims to document life during the COVID-19 pandemic through compiled footage from around the world. The Project is entirely youth-led, with youth producers, editors, directors, and graphic designers. According to Ivan the “ultimate goal is to create a feature-length documentary about our experiences. As of right now we have over 90 students and counting, participating from 30+ countries! In addition, we are helping to fundraise for The Produce Alliance.”

The Produce Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create meal kits with fresh produce for health care workers on a national scale. One of the volunteers' goals in helping The Produce Alliance was to create a promotional video to raise awareness about their cause and to fundraise for food and operations.

Members of The Covideo Project have also expanded into a podcast called “Distanced,”  where Ivan and his co-hosts invite guests to the show and share opinions about various issues – serious or not – that are related to the pandemic. The show is available on Spotifty, Apple Podcast, Anchor, and Google podcasts. Ivan reports, “We just recorded an episode with an organizer from The Produce Alliance, which will be available soon, including many more episodes to come!”

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