Students Raise Thousands for Annual Clothe-A-Child Program

From candygrams and crepes to movies and Christmas trivia, the creativity flowed across the Portsmouth Abbey School campus in the spirit of helping others. In just over two weeks, students raised nearly $7,000 for local children through the annual Clothe-A-Child program. There was even a pie-in-the-face initiative with three faculty members and Head of School, Matt Walter, agreeing to be creamed for a worthy cause.

For 32 years, Portsmouth Abbey School has used the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas to raise money to buy coats, boots, mittens, hats, and other warm clothing for children in need. The annual Clothe-A-Child program is coordinated by students, with each student house responsible for developing its fundraising initiatives to support the effort.

All fundraising remains within the school community, and a plaque is presented to the winning house at the Christmas Assembly on December 15. The plaque goes to the place that demonstrates exceptional teamwork, embodies the spirit of the season and the joy of giving, and displays a high level of creativity in showcasing student-led efforts.