Wrestling Ravens Fly High at 2022 EIL Tournament
Wrestling EIL Champs 2021-22

2022 Eastern Independent League (EIL) champs, from left, Captain Blake Rossiter '22 (160), Jermaine Anson '23 (170), Garrett Roskelly '23 (195), Captain Darrell Opoku-Kwanteng '22 (220) and Ben Bredin '23 (285) (Photo by Thomas Roskelly P'23)

Congratulations to our five champion wrestling Ravens at the Eastern Independent League Invitational Saturday, March 12, 2022: Captain Blake Rossiter '22 at 160, Jermaine Anson '23 at 170, Garrett Roskelly '23 at 195, Captain Darrell Opoku-Kwanteng '22 at 220, and Ben Bredin '23 at 285. Portsmouth Abbey placed third overall with the help of our fourth-place wrestlers, Captain Merrit Coward '23 at 145, Captain Will Wahlberg '22 at 138, Alasdair McDermott '22 at 126 and Tommy O'Hara '24 at 132, after some hard-fought matches.

"This is the first time the Portsmouth Abbey wrestling team has five champions going to the New Englands, all of their hard work and sacrifices brought them to this point. I am excited to see this team spirit and dedication grow in our Abbey wrestling family," Coach Mike McLarney commented.

A recap of the Championship matches: Blake Rossiter '22 took on Josh Bickford of Landmark School and won his match in 5:45 with a pin. Jermaine Anson took first place in his final round with a pin at 3:55 against Finn Boyle of Concord Academy. Garrett Roskelly '23 was victorious against Cameron Dike of Eagle Hill with his pin at 2:39. Darrell Opoku-Kwateng '22 swiftly defeated Concord Academy's Grady Savage with a pin in 0:46. Finally, Ben Bredin '23 defeated his opponent from Chapel Hill-Chancey Hall in a close final 5-4 decision. 

"There was something about our team, a joy and a calmness that carried with us even into the third period," said Captain Blake Rossiter '22. He added, "The theme each year is learning who you truly are with constant feedback on your progression. There is no hiding from anybody on the mat. Everybody knows where the stand against each person on the team. That hard truth is refreshing and is something lacking from most people's lives....I wasn't just wrestling for the current team, myself or my family, I wrestled out of respect for the past teams and what they represented," Blake concluded.

Our five champions, along with Duke Fagan ’22 (182) and three wrestlers in the Girls' Division of the New England Tournament, Daniela Gasso ’24, Mary Adams ’24 and Merritt Coward ’23, will continue to the New England tournament Saturday, March 19, 2022, at the Deerfield Academy, 7 Boyden Ln, Deerfield, MA 

View video of the championship matches below (courtesy of Thomas Roskelly P'23):

Blake Rossiter '22 (160) Final: https://youtu.be/btXK67JgayA

Jermaine Anson '23 (170) Final: https://youtu.be/wXarqAQVW4I

Garrett Roskelly '23 (195) Final: https://youtu.be/yxG-LotjasY

Darrell Opoku-Kwanteng '22 (220) Final: https://youtu.be/qn0ouwFYjN8

Ben Bredin '23 (285) Final: https://youtu.be/EQSWDJ4bO5A


View a gallery of Tournament photos by Thomas Roskelly P'23 and Louis Walker below: