Form V November 2020

1000 Thank You's!!!!
WE DID IT!!!!!

Wow! Thank you to ALL who made this happen! This is amazing for our students, faculty, and beloved school! It was humbling to us to see how much this school means to all of you. This is why our children will succeed; parents behind their children and school is what makes all the difference. How lucky are we all?

We are so grateful that it is November and our children had the opportunity to be in person this term. This is because the students, faculty, staff, and all of us have taken such incredible measures to ensure the school's safety and security. Surely, we are all excited to have our children back in our homes but we also want to keep them safe so they can happily return in January to once again be among their peers.

Housekeeping Notes:

In the parent portal, the college counseling session from Parents' Weekend has been recorded for those who may have missed that information or would like to review the meeting with your child/children during break. It is very important to let our students know we are still very involved even though we can not physically be with them. It may prompt important questions or discussions regarding college preparation. This may alleviate your fears or their fears regarding this upcoming process. You may be pleasantly surprised just how much they have already started!

As always, we are very thankful for all the wonderful friends and memories we have gathered over the years here at the Abbey.

We wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving.


Brendan and Laurie Loftus P'16 '19 '22

Fifth Form Chairs

Parents of Michael '22


 Wishing all our families a safe, healthy, and


Happy Thanksgiving.