Student Id Photo


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Student ID Photo Request

New students are required to provide a recent, color photograph for their student ID/keycard. The keycard allows entry into the student’s house on campus. Formal school photos for the directory will be taken on campus after classes begin.

Please submit a photo to Mrs. Elizabeth Cotta at by August 20.

The photo should be a JPG, JPEG, BMP, TIF or PNG file with a minimum 300 dpi and a maximum file size of 2.5MB.

Please name the file with the student name in this format:  last name_first name.jpg.

Guidelines for taking your photo

•        Smile!

•        Your flash should be on (not set to “automatic”).

•        Highest resolution is not necessary—usually the camera’s medium file size is more than adequate.

•        While scanned photos are fine, we do not recommend scanning from yearbooks, inkjet prints, or other printed material.

•        White or light backgrounds provide the best contrast.

•        The format should be similar to a passport photo. No scenic backgrounds. Plain works best.

•        No hats or sunglasses.

•        Do not use a webcam.

•        Headshots only. No other people in the image.

•        Vertical or horizontal format with some additional room for us to crop.

•        We will not retouch the image.

Do's and Dont's