Portsmouth Abbey School
Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy

 Students may use the Portsmouth Abbey Network to:

  • Access and use provided software.
  • Send and receive electronic mail (E-Mail).
  • Explore the Internet in a responsible, legal and acceptable way.

Students may not use the Portsmouth Abbey Network to:

  • Participate in chat groups during any portion of the academic day or during study hours.
  • Download inappropriate software, pictures or documents.
  • Install personal software on any computer.
  • Alter computer desktop settings, including network setups.
  • Access computer files that do not belong to you.
  • Copy or transfer computer software that does not belong to you.
  • Violate copyright laws or licensing agreements.
  • Engage in commercial activities for financial gain.
  • Engage in illegal activities.
  • Create FTP or Web Servers.
  • Install file-sharing software.
  • Install Freeware or Shareware programs.

Students should behave in a responsible manner and exercise good sense when involved with the Internet.   

Never give out personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers or passwords.  Passwords should not be shared and students are responsible for their own network accounts.  Please log off student computers when finished. 

Please use a USB flash drive for document storage.  Portsmouth Abbey School is not responsible for lost or deleted documents on computer local hard drives.

Do not consider E-Mail to be private.  Once messages are sent it is impossible to control the ultimate distribution of the information contained in the message.

Internet connectivity at Portsmouth Abbey School is monitored through a firewall and inappropriate sites will be filtered.  Internet use will be audited and computers accessing inappropriate sites or downloading inappropriate documents will be disabled from Internet use.

Destruction of hardware, software or data is considered vandalism. The willful importation and/or creation of computer viruses is included in this definition.