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With an emphasis on the respect for the dignity of the human person, AbbeyMun empowers its delegates with the necessary tools to master the art of international diplomacy. The club meets weekly to discuss current events, to organize conferences and to prepare for upcoming conferences. Our program competes at the highest level, as we have attended, and placed, at BOSMUN, NIEMAN, and soon, DARTMUN over the past few seasons. As a member of this club, you will gain the knowledge necessary to find informed diplomatic solutions to some of the world’s toughest problems. Now more than ever, Model UN has become an integral part of any true education that strives to understand the global citizen and his God-given human rights.”

From L-R, David Shon '22, Ivan Andarza '22, Alex Adams '22, Will Wahlberg '22, Michael Abbate '23

Head Delegate: Will Wahlberg '22

Head of Crisis: Michael Abbate '23

Head of ECOSOC: David Shon '22

Head of GA: Ivan Andarza '22

Secretary Generals: Alex Adams '22 and Sofia Aragones '22

Faculty Advisors: Mr. Caplin '10, Mr. Micheletti  '04

Model UN Meeting September 2019


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