Winter 2022 Athletics Awards

“This winter we had the best of all worlds - winning games, talented athletes, teamwork, positive team chemistry, good coaching and good fan support - a great winter overall.” - Al Brown, athletic director

Boys' Basketball

Coach's Trophy: Lucas Pagliarulo '22

MIP: Mason Holling '22

Captains-Elect: Aiden Duffy '23, Bernard Dushie '23

Overall Record: 11-9 EIL Record: 8-3, 4th Place EIL


Girls' Basketball

The Pfeffer Cup: Maggie Abbruzzi '22

MIP: Dami Opawumi '23

Captains-Elect: Sarah Edwards '23, Kristina Greim '23, Dami Opawumi '23

Overall Record: 6-12 EIL Record: 3-8


Boys' Ice Hockey

The Andrew M. Hunt and Carol Meehan Hunt Boys' and Girls' Hockey Trophy: Jacob Ierfino '22

MIP: Logan Furlong '22

Travis Roy Award: Perseverance, Achievement and Sportsmanship: Luke Stock '24

Captains-Elect: Jack Baird '23, Jack Lucey '23, Michael Patko '23, Joe Verderber '23

Overall Record:  17-9-3   Holt Record :11-3-1, 2nd Place Holt,  NEPSAC Small School Tournament Quarterfinals


Girls' Ice Hockey

The Andrew M. Hunt and Carol Meehan Hunt Boys' and Girls' Hockey TrophyLillee Dougherty '22

MIP: Mila Smith '24

Captain-Elect: Isabella Direda '23  Assistant Captain-Elect: Ashtyn Bringardner '23

Overall Record: 10-11-1   EIL Record:6-1-1, 2nd Place EIL


Boys' Squash

Carlos Xavier Araujo ’96 Memorial Squash Trophy: Felix Cutler '22

MIP: Quinn Brighton '23

Captains-Elect: Quinn Brighton '23, William Hurlbutt '23

Overall Record: 6-4


Girls' Squash

Coaches Trophy: Hannah Best '22

MIP: Alessandra Cristiani '24

Girls' Soccer – EIL All-League: Martha Wilson '22

Captains-Elect: Alexis Dahlberg '23, Georgia Sones '23

Overall Record: 8-3   EIL Record: 5-1 2nd Place EIL



Coach's Trophy: Blake Rossiter '22

MIP: Duke Fagan '22

Captains-Elect: Jermaine Anson '23, Merritt Coward '23, Garrett Roskelly '23

Overall Record: 11-6   EIL Record:7-2 2nd Place EIL


Junior Varsity Awards

The Portsmouth Abbey Junior Varsity Award is given to the athlete who best demonstrates the spirit of Abbey Athletics. The award recognizes hard work, individual improvement, sportsmanship, and a willingness to do what is best for the team.

Boys' JV A Basketball: Nate Gonzalez '22

Boys' JV B Basketball: Aidan Surber '24

Girls' JV Basketball: Alexis Buwembo '23

Girls' JV Squash: Teghan Torrey '23

Boys' JV Squash: Jimmy Wang '23

Boys' JVB Squash: Hans Yuan '25

Girls' JVB Squash: Jennifer Shon '25

Boys' JV Ice Hockey: Osi Onwudiwe '25

Girls' JV Ice Hockey: Lisie O’Hara '22

Wrestling: Sean Brennan '24