Raven Strong Daily Workout

Develop a daily exercise schedule around your school and family commitments. Having a schedule will give structure to your day and increase the likelihood of sustaining workouts. Reach out to fellow RAVENS and work with someone. Select a level that best fits your present level of fitness. Start slow and assess and adjust your program. As your fitness improves you can add to the intensity of your program.

Your Exercise Program: Cardiovascular and Muscle Training
Your exercise program should combine Cardiovascular Training and Muscle Training into a full exercise program that is 30 - 60 – or 90 minutes in duration.

Build up and keep going forward!

Cardiovascular  and Muscle Training

Level #1
Stretch and walk/Jog/Run 1.0 - 2.0 miles 4X per week
Include muscle training below

Level #2
Walk/Jog/Run 2.0 miles 4X per week
Include muscle training below

Level # 3
Walk/Jog/Run 2.5 miles 4X per week
Include muscle training below

Level #4
Jog/Run 2.5 miles 4X per week and add 4-8 “Pickups” within your run. “Pickups” are 5 second sprints (within your run).  This simulates the jog and sprint rhythm of most sports and is a basic form of interval training that is very efficient in improving Cardiovascular fitness.
Include muscle training below.

Muscle Fitness Circuit- Without Weights

Getting started: Overall Core strength and Lower and Upper Body Strength can be developed/improved with the below exercises.

Begin with 1 set: A set is all of the 6 exercises below done one time with the number of REPS indicated. The circuit can be done 3-5 times per week. You can progress to 2 sets by completing the first set and then repeating the Circuit.

Start with a comfortable amount of reps and progress as your strength improves.

Muscle Fitness Circuit

  •  Pushups x 10-25 REPS *can be modified push-ups with knees on floor.
  • Double leg squat jumps x 10-20 REPS (jump with double leg & double arm action to maximum height. Drop to 1Ž2 squat and repeat).
  • Sit Ups/Crunches x 25-50 REPS: Knees bent at 90 degrees and arms across chest-Curl shoulder blades up off the floor.
  • Superman 5 reps x 10 seconds each rep: Lay face down and lift your upper and lower body off the floor/Superman flying!
  • Front Plank* Keep Body Straight  2  REPS-30-90 sec each rep
    • Level One: Can be done on Knees and Forearms
    • Level Two: Done on Toes and Forearms
  • Side Plank* Keep Body Straight 2 REPS 30-90 sec each rep –  Work on each side
    • Level One: Done on outside of knee in contact with the floor and one forearm
    • Level Two: Done with outside of foot and one forearm


Progression Suggestions:

 1.  Add 2-5 pushups, 5-10 sit ups, 2 jumps and 10-30 seconds of Plank every 1-2 weeks and decrease your rest time. As your body adapts to the demand, increase your work.