Winter Athletics Awards

Raven Award - All Varsity and Junior Varsity

The Portsmouth Abbey Raven Award is given to a member of each team who best demonstrates the spirit of Abbey Athletics. The award recipient demonstrates a positive attitude, leadership, respect, commitment and makes the experience of their teammates a positive one.

Boys’ Basketball
Raven Award:  Luke Fonts
Captains Elect:  Charlie Baughan, Mason Holling, Lucas Pagliarulo
Girls’ Basketball
Raven Award: Julia Sisk
Captains Elect: Maggie Abbruzzi, Gwen Bragan, Marisa Scartozzi
Boys’ Ice Hockey
Raven Award: Alex Leef
Captains Elect: Jack Baird, Toby Oliveira, Michael Patko, Jake Ierfino           
Girls’ Ice Hockey
Raven Award: Elizabeth (Lulu) LePage
Captains Elect: Lillee Dougherty, Isabella DiReda, Jacqueline Martin
Boys' Squash
Raven Award: Flynn O’Connell
Captains Elect: Flynn O’Connell, Will Hurlburt
Girls' Squash
Raven Award: Lily Sones
Captains Elect: Isa Altamirano, Hanna Best
Raven Award: Sean O’Hara
Captains Elect: Merritt Coward, Darrell Opoku-Kwateng, Blake Rossiter, William Wahlberg
Junior Varsity Awards
Boys' JV Basketball: Chris Dring
Girls' JV Basketball: Natalie Johnson
Girls' JV Squash: Charlotte West
Boys' JV Squash: Nicholas Hutchens
Boys' JVB Squash: Cheonjung Kim
Girls' JVB Squash: Elena Cristiani
Boys' JV Ice Hockey: James Meko
Girls' JV Ice Hockey: Julia Fitzgerald