Abbey Students Receive Honors at Brown University Datathon
Posted 03/08/2017 04:07PM

Scott PowellJane Dwares

Two Abbey students competed in Brown University's Datathon during the weekend of March 4-5, 2017. Sixth Former (senior) Scott Powell and Fourth Former (sophomore) Jane Dwares, both of Portsmouth, worked late Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday morning to analyze a dataset with over a million data points.

The challenge was to help TripAdvisor determine the probability that a person who logged in would complete a purchase, based on a long list of criteria including gender, day of the week, number of clicks on the website, and more. Powell and Dwares competed against undergraduate and graduate-level students and walked away with Honorable Mentions—Powell for his outstanding quantitative data analysis and Dwares for her exemplary chi-square analysis.

The Datathon is an annual 3-day competition where teams of students work to find insights in complex datasets. The event, which drew 180 students, is sponsored by the Computer Science Department and the Data Science Initiative at Brown University. Apart from the competition itself, which is the core of the event, there are many other supporting activities ranging from educational workshops to opportunities to network with peers and industry representatives.

Powell and Dwares both take AP Statistics, taught by Susan McCarthy. "Jane and Scott are wonderful AP Statistics students," McCarthy says. "It always impresses me how they dig deeper to explore the real-life applications of statistics, and their questions in and outside of class always demonstrate a great deal of insight. Their achievement at Datathon is impressive, and their passion to develop their learning outside of class only shows what I already knew about them -- they are students who are committed to learning and expanding their knowledge of statistics."

Congratulations Jane and Scott!

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