AP Computer Science Class Develops Interactive Map
Posted 05/08/2018 08:53AM

Mr. Dave Wilson's AP Computer Science class has developed an interactive map and display for the science building. The map is updated to the correct period in real time and displays the current class meeting in each room. The display also includes current date and time, weather for Portsmouth, and a CNN news crawl. By pressing on areas of the touch screen display, visitors may drill down into weekly schedules for each room, the school website, and other information.

Interactive screen

The project was organized as it would be in a commercial enterprise, with teams of programmers, analysts, data specialists, a documentation specialist and user interface designers, led by a Project Manager.

Programmers: Zack Bartley '20 and Davey Appleton '20

Analysts: Marty Bulanowski '18, Preston Kelleher '18, Travis Chiu '18

Data Specialists: Brendan Kelly '19, Jessica Shi '20, Katherine Wang '19

Documentation Specialist: Lizzie Mullaly '18

UI Designers: Betsy Kouassi-Brou '18, Sam Ding '18, Alex Sienkiewicz '18

Project Manager: Gabe Sotomayor '18

AP Computer Science
The AP Computer Science class

The project is currently on display in the science building outside of the computer lab. In addition to the touch screen display, the screen is projected onto the wall for easier viewing.

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