Raven Cup Update: Dodgeball Results
Posted 05/16/2018 02:56PM

In the penultimate Raven Cup event of the year, Houses took part in an all-School game of dodgeball. After several rounds that gained in intensity, St. Benet's and St. Aelred's took first place. St. Martin's and St. Brigid's came in second.

Dodgeball action

Houses were scored based on participation and competition. The dodgeball event standings are as follows:

St. Mary's: 13+0= 13
Manor House: 12+0=12
St. Benet's: 13+5=18
St. Brigid's: 8+2=10

St. Benet's

St. Leonard's: 6+0=6
St. Martin's: 8+2=10
St. Hugh's: 8+0=8
St. Aelred's: 6+5=11

St. Aelred's

The current Raven Cup standings are as follows:

1st: St. Benet's (73 pts.)
2nd: St. Mary's (60 pts.)
3rd: Manor House, St. Brigid's, St. Martin's (56 pts.)
4th: St. Leonard's (49 pts.)
5th: St. Aelred's (48 pts.)
6th: St. Hugh's (46 pts.)

The final Raven Cup event will take place during Springfest, where all Houses will participate in Tug-of-War, girls' Houses will participate in volleyball, and boys' Houses will tackle Ultimate Frisbee.

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