Living Art Show Brings Masterpieces to Life
Posted 06/01/2018 08:35AM

Students recreate The Swing
Sam Ding '18, Adam Suh '18, and Matt McKenna '18 recreate The Swing by Fragonard

The Annual Living Art Show arrived at the Abbey this week. Under the direction of Mrs. Allie Micheletti '05, Art History AP students quite literally brought their favorite pieces of art to life, creating tableaux of famous works of art. In total, 14 pieces of art were reenacted by students individually and as groups. In addition to the actors, students also stood by to explain the significance and meaning of the individual pieces. Sheila Joyce '19 served as the evening's production manager.

Students recreate Two Ballet Dancers
Jill McRoy '18 and Emily Byrne '18 recreate Two Ballet Dancers by Edgar Degas

Shiva Lord of Dance: Maya Eid '18, Taylor Yates '18, Kate Driscoll '20

Pink Panther by Jeff Koons: Mikaili Hamel-Smith '18, Erika Keller '18, Betsy Kouassi-Brou '18

The Loge by Mary Cassatt: Emma Ventura '18, Jessica Yang '18, Lucia Billings'18

The StoneBreakers by Gustave Courbet: Mack Kuyper '20, Jason Zhao '20, Mauricio Garcia-Gojon'20

Two Ballet Dancers by Edgar Degas: Emily Byrne '18, Jill McRoy '18, Sungwon Kim '18

Judith Slaying Holofernes by Artemisia Gentileschi: Grace Costa '18, Emma Stowe '18, Noelle Brown '18

Students recreate art
Maria Maldonado '18 and Sydell Bonin '18 recreate Grave Stele of Hegesos

David by Bernini: Arthur Shipman '18

Card Players by Paul Cezanne: Carlos Castillo '18, Preston Kelleher '18, Henry Wilson'18

Grave Stele of Hegesos: Maria Maldonado '18, Sydell Bonin '18, Ally Ponte '18

Boys in a Pasture by Winslow Homer: Tyler White '18 and Michael Griffin '18

David with Head of Goliath by Caravaggio: Foster Davis '18, Joe Breen '18, Shane McCarthy'18

The Swing by Fragonard: Sam Ding '18, Adam Suh '18, Ben Varieur '18

The Gates by Christo and Jean Claude: John Stookey '18, Ian Ritchie '18, Aidan Lynch '18

Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh: Dan Rodden '18 and Nick Vallone '18

Production Manager: Sheila Joyce '19

Students recreate art
Foster Davis '18 and Joe Breen '18 recreate David with Head of Goliath

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