Father Paschal Scotti's Galileo Revisited Continues to Receive Accolades
Posted 06/12/2018 01:22PM

Galileo Revisited: The Galileo Affair in ContextA journal published by the American Academy of Religion, Reading Religion, has published a rave review of Father Paschal's Galileo Revisited: The Galileo Affair in Context.

"This is a wonderfully written, erudite volume on the context surrounding Galileo and the Galileo affair. General readers will encounter a pleasant read, and an effective introduction to the subject. Experts will discover plenty of interesting tidbits about the political, scientific, and religious milieu encompassing the rise of Galileo. There are also instructive reflections to be found herein on how science and scholastic learning relate to each other," the review reads.

Congratulations to Father Paschal! Read the full review on their website.

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