Red Key Society

The Red Key Society is our student tour guide organization. It is led by our VI Form Red Key Heads. Learn more about our leaders:

Ryan Costa '18

Hometown: Westport, Massachusetts

Activities/Clubs/Sports: Soccer, Track, Poetry Out Loud

Favorite Class/Teacher? And why? So far, my favorite class at the Abbey has been AP United States History, taught by Mr. Gittus. As someone who enjoys history in general, this class exceeded my expectations. Mr. Gittus’ passion and ability as a teacher helped bring the material to life. He engaged the class by presenting history as a story rather than a simple list of facts. On top of this, Mr. Gittus ensured that our class was prepared for the AP exam by teaching us some valuable study techniques. I walked away from this class with a vastly expanded perspective on history and a greater ability to critically think.   

Favorite Abbey Moment? In my junior year, our varsity soccer team was on the verge of entering the playoffs. There was talk amongst the players that once this was confirmed the entire team would dye their hair blonde to celebrate. Predictably, as this vision became reality, everyone slowly but surely backed out on the promise. As we gathered in the locker room before our first playoff game, our coach, Dr. Rudasill, entered. When he took off his hat, the whole team erupted. His brown hair had been replaced by platinum blonde locks! Our team spirit was in full effect, and personally, I was touched by his display of enthusiasm for us.

How has the Abbey changed you? Throughout the past three years, I have been fortunate to build relationships that have transformed me. The Abbey has given me a greater appreciation for shared community life. I have learned the value of hard work, as investing oneself in academic and co-curricular activities is quite demanding. In the classroom, I have improved my ability to solve problems and work with others.

Favorite Abbey Tradition? My favorite tradition at the Abbey has to be the Holy Lawn and graduation. It's a tradition that no one can walk on the Holy Lawn until you graduate.  A giant white tent is set up on the lawn the week before. Although I am always sad to see the graduating class leave, graduation is a time of celebration. I always enjoy hearing the speeches of the two sixth formers that are elected by the graduating class to speak at the event. 

Favorite Meal? At Chinese New Year, I look forward to when the dining hall serves us a delicious meal to celebrate the occasion. 

Abbey Luth '18

Hometown: Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Activities/clubs/sports: I am the captain of cross country, ice hockey, and track and field. I am involved in the Abbey Sinfonia and the Human Rights Club. 

Favorite Abbey moment? My favorite Abbey moment was we won the EIL championship for hockey. It was in overtime and my teammate, Amanda scored. We had a huge crowd there to support us and the rink erupted with cheers and horns and everyone rushed onto the ice. I'll never forget it.

How has the Abbey changed you? The Abbey has definitely changed me and made me a more confident person. At the Abbey, I was given freedom within a structured schedule to find what I really enjoyed doing and become good at it. I continue to work hard every day and I now have the confidence I never thought I would. 

Favorite Abbey tradition? My favorite Abbey tradition has to be the Headmaster’s Run. The houses always show so much spirit and it is just fun to compete against your classmates in a sport that not everyone usually plays. 

Favorite meal? I love the pasta bar. I'm slightly (okay more than slightly) addicted to pasta.

How did you meet your best friend at the Abbey? I met my friend Emily walking to the classroom building after lunch one day. I'm pretty sure we were arguing about fruit. I then met my friend Lucia at the gym. We are still both gym rats to this day. 

Maria Maldonado '18

Hometown: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Activities/clubs/sports: I’m a prefect in Manor House, and varsity soccer captain. I also run track and field, and am in Human Rights Club.

Favorite class/teacher? And why? Dr. Zins is the best! He taught me biology V form year and AP biology this year, he’s also been my soccer coach for two years, and an affiliate in my dorm. Seeing him in all aspects of Abbey life means we've gotten close, and I can go to him for anything. He made biology super fun and was always there to help all of his students, even if that just means some cheering up. For example, one study hall during exam week, he got a minibus and took the dorm for a Dunkin run to re-energize, he didn't even mind us singing the whole ride there.

How has the Abbey changed you? The Abbey has taught me to make the most out of every moment, even if that means stepping out of my comfort zone. Time flies, so make it worth it when you look back, you’ll realize the little things are actually big things.

Favorite Abbey tradition? Springfest is so much fun, it’s a great way to wrap up the year with fun outdoor activities like volleyball, tug of war, and ultimate Frisbee. There’s a picnic during the day, and a themed dance at night.

Favorite meal? Chicken nuggets!!!

How did you meet your best friend at the Abbey? My best friend and I have gotten super close from living in the same house, having classes together, and being on the same sports teams. Spending all this time together we have some crazy unforgettable memories.

Jill McRoy '18

Hometown: Fall River, Massachusetts 

Activities/Clubs/Sports: I compete in varsity soccer and basketball and in the spring I do community service at a local elementary school where I tutor children from grades k-8. Red Key club is the best (and only) club that I participate in. 

Favorite class/teacher and why? My favorite class was American Literature with Mrs. Bonin last year. She made every book that we read come to life. We even read a chapter of Moby Dick outside last winter in the snow down by the bay so we could get the feel of what some of the whalers went through. 

How has the Abbey changed you? The Abbey has helped me with public speaking and my overall self- confidence. 

Favorite Abbey Tradition? One of my favorite traditions at the Abbey is preparing for semi and then taking pictures with some of my best friends in the St. Benet's common room. From there, we go up to the auditorium where it is completely transformed into an amazing dance floor with tons of flashing lights. This is one of the best photo-ops of the year, and every semi leaves you with great memories with friends that you'll never forget. 

Favorite Abbey meal? PPP (personal pan pizza) for sure! 

How did you meet your best friend at the Abbey? I've made so many wonderful friends at the Abbey! Emily has become one of my very best friends. I met her my III form year in the St. Mary's day student room. That day we joked around with each other saying how we were both disorganized and that we needed to get ourselves together. Ever since that day, she has been the person that I trust with everything. 

Dan Sliney '18

Hometown: Warwick, RI

Activities/clubs/sports: I play varsity hockey, varsity baseball and am also part of the student council as president of the VI form class.

Favorite class/teacher? And why? My favorite class is United States History with Mr. Hobbins. The stories he tells as he teaches makes the classroom environment such a great place to learn in. I look forward to every class because he makes history fun. His students develop a love for the subject, making them want to learn, rather than forcing them to.

Favorite Abbey moment? My favorite Abbey moment was being elected VI form class president. This was both an exciting moment for me and a terrifying one. Three years prior to getting up on stage to speak, I would have never been able to execute that speech in front of all my peers. This moment marked a turning point in my life when I was finally able to get over my worst fear, public speaking. Later on, the excitement I felt after receiving the email saying I won gave me a sense of pride and joy. Knowing that I had accomplished something I never could imagine, made this moment worthy of being my favorite so far at the Abbey.

Favorite Abbey tradition? Being a part of the Abbey for three years now, I have come to love the winter season the most. One thing I love is the fact that the houses compete in a friendly competition fundraiser called Clothe-A-Child.  Students in each house raise money to purchase coats and hats for needy families.  Students will sing Christmas carols or even sell doughnuts and Dunkin' coffee. The dining hall also has a Gingerbread house building contest, where the students come together in a group and try to build the most outrageous and sophisticated houses out of gingerbread, candy and icing. Finally, we have the Christmas assembly, where Mr. Hobbins dresses up as Santa Claus and the school hosts a sing-along to all the classic holiday songs. It’s the best time of the year.

How did you meet your best friend at the Abbey? Best friend? More like best friends. The amount of quality friends I have made at the Abbey exceeds just one.  Friendships made at the Abbey are some of the best you will have in your life. The kids I met just three years ago, are now the ones that I can see being by my side years after I graduate. I am forever grateful for the class I am part of and the friends I will continue to have in the future.

Adam Suh '18

Hometown: Seoul, Korea/Natick, Massachussetts 

Activities/clubs/sports: I am a captain of the swim team and the track and field team and a member of the football team.  I am a prefect for St. Leonard’s House. I also sing with our school vocal ensemble, Enharmonix.

Favorite class/teacher? And why? Humanities with Mr. O’Connor was easily my favorite class at the Abbey. He manages to make every lecture and discussion absolutely hilarious yet thoughtful. He really prepared me as a reader and a thinker.

Favorite Abbey moment? My favorite Abbey moment was when my friends and I watched the Superbowl III form year. The houseparents ordered us pizza and wings and watching one of the best games with my closest friends and houseparents was priceless. The moment the Patriots intercepted the ball at the goal line, the house erupted.  

Favorite Abbey tradition? The Ravens Cup events, an all year round house competition, create so much house spirit it is so much fun to be part of it. At the end of the year the final events happen during Springfest and the competition gets intense. My favorites are ultimate Frisbee game, tug-of-war and water balloon toss.

Favorite meal? I love Maureen’s sandwich bar every Wednesday lunch. She makes the best sandwiches and she already knows how I like it every time. 

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