Dear Alumni, Parents, and Friends of Portsmouth Abbey School,

As the chairman of the Portsmouth Abbey Board of Regents, I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to return to Portsmouth and to do so often.  Regardless of how recent or distant your last contact, that you are reading this letter suggests that the Abbey has left an imprint on you that has fostered an abiding connection to the School.  Embrace it. 

I am delighted to report that the campus and community are vibrant and inspiring.  Physical, intellectual, and spiritual growth abound. More than ever, the Abbey stands tall as a unique and greatly needed respite in a fast-paced world that is losing contact with the anchoring and guiding principles that provide our backbone of focus and purpose. Our stature as the nation’s premier Catholic boarding preparatory school remains firmly intact. Indeed, it is that defining characteristic that has resulted in record enrollment, superlative college placement, and our best Annual Fund achievement in the institution’s history. More than ever, parents are recognizing the value of a safe, nourishing environment that instills respect for our faith, others, and self.

While our headmaster, Dan McDonough, has travelled tirelessly throughout the country to reconnect with you, our constituency, there is no substitute for coming back to campus for a visit. Growth and change are important aspects of the campus and the community these days. These changes stand hand-in-hand, now as much as ever, with the strengthening, guiding, and fundamental teachings of St. Benedict. Visit. You will want to do so again and again.

W. Christopher Behnke ’81  P’12, ’15, ’19
Chairman, Portsmouth Abbey School Board of Regents

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