The aim of Portsmouth Abbey School is to help young men and women grow in knowledge and grace. We encourage our students to ask big questions: Who am I? What is my place in this world? Where am I going? How do I know? Our independent academic and co-curricular programming encourages students to develop reverence for God and the human person, respect for learning and order, and a sense of responsibility for the shared experience of community life. In this ever-evolving world, we work to strike a balance between forward thinking innovation and stability rooted in tradition as we prepare our students to engage in successful college careers and in the world beyond formal education.

Monday - Friday:   8:15 am - 10 :00 pm  
Saturday:   8:15 am - 12:30 pm
Sunday:   3:30-5:30pm; 7:30 pm -10:00 pm

Open: 5:30-7:30 during exam period

Closed:  5:00-7:30 Fall, Winter and Spring terms, unless otherwise announced

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