2021-22 Endowment and Capital Project Donors

Portsmouth Abbey School is deeply grateful to every alumnus/a, parent, and friend who have contributed to our Endowment Funds and Capital Projects in support of its mission of helping young men and women grow in knowledge and grace. Thank you!

*This donor list only includes community members who have made outright cash gifts to Endowment or Capital Project funds between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.  Contact the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs at 401.643.1269 to report errors or omissions and to accept our sincere apologies.

Angelo J. Spizzirri '94 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Burke '86 
Mr. Patrick B. Kelly '94
Ms. Dianne Renee P'94   

Capone Family Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Capone P'91

Celia Welton Coll '03 Memorial Fund

Mr. Morgan R. Jetto '03 

Cornelius C. Moore Scholarship Fund

W. Gerald Moore Educational Foundation 

David Quentin Kearney '50 Endowed Scholarship Fund

Mr. William F. Ingraham IV P'15 '17

Dom Alban Baer Scholarship

Martha Fischer TUW Scholarship

Dom Ambrose Wolverton Chair in Performing Arts

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Burke '86 
Mr. Donald M. Dowd III '84

Dom Hilary Martin Memorial Scholarship

Mr. George A. Fowler, Jr. '63

Dr. and Mrs. James M. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Sullivan '79 P'14 '15

Edna and Edward Soraghan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. Edward C. English '85
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Marwill 
Dr. Robert F. Poirier, Jr. '90
Mr. John E. Soraghan

Edward Paul Kosewicz Fulton Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Marguerite Louise Kosewicz †

Francis S. Kinney Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher F. Kinney '60 P'98  

Geraldine Ryan Howe Memorial Scholarship Fund

Ms. Rachel S. Howe 
Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Kussin 
Mr. Patrick Quinn 
Ms. Judith S. Reusch 
Mr. Jason Schwartz 
Ms. Linda Z. Swartz
The Partners at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP
Mrs. Judith Howe Tucker

Mary E. Hawthorne and Anna C. Hawthorne Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mary E. Hawthorne Trust 

Matthew J. Penney '07 Perseverance Prize Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Bauer 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Penney P'07  
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Wohlstadter 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Craig Jr. Scholarship Fund

Mr. Grenville V. Craig '59 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Kearney Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. David Q. Kearney '50 GP'15 '17 

James M. FitzGerald '80 Fund for Hockey

Ms. Ellen M. FitzGerald
Mrs. Ruth M. FitzGerald P'76 '80 †
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Royston

J. Clifford Hobbins Chair in History

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Burke '86 
Mr. and Mrs. Eero A. Pikat '94

John L. McCauley Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Geraldine McCauley P'78 '79 '81 '84
Mr. William McCauley '79 & Ms. Lynne M. Sinnott

Jonathan D. Sellitto '01 Culinary Arts Club Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew T. Sellitto P'01

Keith B. Welsh '94 Memorial Annual Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Burke '86 
Mrs. Jo Ann S. Welsh P'94
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Welsh 

Kevin J. Kresock '68 Memorial Annual Fund
Ms. Iris Jane Goodwin S'68


Michael Meads '18 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. Jody M. Mello-Brooks & Mr. Thomas W. Brooks P'19
Mr. Thomas C. Kirker '19 
CAPT and Mrs. Michael P. O'Hara P'21 '22 '24 '26

Mogayzel Book Fund

Dr. Peter J. Mogayzel, Jr. '79 & Dr. Cyndra Mogayzel 

Norman R. Marcoux Memorial Book Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Dodwell 

Oblate/Monastery Fund


Monastery Life Fund

Dr. Jere L. Crook III
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel McGregor P'97   
The Reverend David L. Stokes, Sr. 
Ms. Catherine Wicks

Peter H. Benziger '43 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Joan K. Benziger S'43
Mr. John M. Benziger

Peter T. Hartmann '63 Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mrs. Amanda Healy 

Pierce and Louise Allan Keefe Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Burke '86 

Portsmouth Abbey Scholarship Funds

Mrs. Joan Madden S'47 P'77 †      

Science Building Construction Fund

The Bohan Family P'86 '91 '03
Dr. Jody M. Mello-Brooks and Mr. Thomas W. Brooks P'19
Ms. Elizabeth B. Childs '08
Mr. Frederick C. Childs '75 P'08  
Dr. Debra F. Falvey and Mr. Christopher R. Falvey P'18 '20
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Ferry '75 P'16 '17
Mr. Thomas G. Fitzgerald '71
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Fonts P'14 '17 '21
Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Frank, Jr. '87
Mr. Michael D. Kamen and Mrs. Kathryn L. DeMieri-Kamen P'22
Mr. Paul L. Kennedy '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Kennedy III '64 P'07 '08 '15
CAPT and Mrs. Peter M. Mantz, USN P'19 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Pietraszek P'96
Mrs. Diane Silfen P'94
Thomas A. Rodgers, Jr. Family Foundation
YesMr. and Mrs. Felipe A. Vicini '79 P'09 '12 '19  Anonymous
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Walter P'18 '20
Mr. Faguo Xu and Ms. Qianqian Lin P'24
The Yazbak Family '81
Mr. John C. Yung '86

Speer Family Scholarship Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Eric W. Speer '78
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Speer '74

St. Martin's House Construction Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Ferry '75 P'16 '17

Student Center Construction Fund

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hagerty '82 P'19  
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Healey '60 P'91 GP'19 '21 '24 
Mr. and Mrs. T. Jeremiah Healey III '91 P'21 '24 
Mr. William G. Winterer '87

Tobin Family Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. Gerald C. Tobin '67

William A. Crimmins '48 Scholarship Fund for Arts, Athletics, and Civilization

Mr. T. Rickey Bevington '71 
Mr. Vincent J. Buonanno '62
Mr. William A. Crimmins '48 GP'11  
Mr. Lucius B. Evans II '62
Mr. Thomas G. Fitzgerald '71
Mr. David C. Flanagan '72 
Mr. Denis H. Hector '70 
Mr. Peter M. Hunt '71 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Kemmerer 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Klemmer '71 P'09
Mr. James P. MacGuire '70 P'10 '13
The Honorable William L. Maher '70 
Mr. John F. McGillian '70
Mr. Bryan McShane '71 
Mr. John Francis Regis Melia '70 P'00  
Mr. Eric J. Sandeen '66 
Mr. James C. Sturdevant '65 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sullivan, Jr. '64
Mr. Joseph O. Tobin II '71
Mr. Gregory H. Tovar '67 
Mr. Timothy W. Tully '71
Mr. Peter F. von Meister '65