Alumni Leadership Council

The Alumni Leadership Council is a core group of alumni leaders who work closely with the Alumni & Development Office and their fellow alumni volunteers to better engage the entire alumni community with the School. The ALC meets regularly to develop programs and ideas to motivate the community to become and stay active with the School.

Mr. Michael A. Anselmi '97 - Chairman

Mr. George E. Carter '85 Mr. Morgan Jetto '03
Ms. Elizabeth B. Childs '08 Mr. Thomas Lonergan '71
Mr. Daniel J. Christoffel '95 Ms. Katherine E. Lyons '04
Ms. Whitney T. Connell '04 Mr. Bryan McGuirk '81
Mr. Matthew J. Cunningham '85 Mr. Colin O'Higgins '97
Mr. Sean F. Flynn '01 Mr. Brian E. O'Reilly '95
Mrs. Brennan P. Gilbane-Koch '97 Mr. Robert O'Reilly Jr. '94
Mr. Ryan Grabert '97 Mr. Sean M. Spicer '89
Mr. Brian M. Hetherington '84 Mr. Andrew F. Wallace '92
  Mr. Brian W. Walsh '97