Young Alumni Spotlight

Young Alumni Spotlight

We are proud to call this talented and diverse group Abbey alumni. Each successful in his or her own right, the following alumni all took unique paths since leaving Cory's Lane and have shown what hard work and dedication can bring.

If you would like to nominate a Portsmouth Abbey graduate for our Young Alumni Spotlight Series, please reach out to Dare Odeyingbo, Assistant Director of the Annual Fund - Young Alumni, at 401-643-1276.

Kelly Buckley '11

"The opportunities and lifestyle at the Abbey also instilled in me accountability, respect, and integrity. Although I missed my family, my four years at the Abbey allowed me to foster life-long relationships and offer stability. My teachers and friends are still some of my closest confidantes and counsel on my professional and personal life."

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Sydney Welch '16

"Your potential for experiences at the Abbey is limitless. Take advantage of everything that resonates with you. Opportunities will come your way that frighten or intimidate you but lean on the support the Abbey provides, and step into that discomfort."

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Lieutenant Quent Dickmann ’10

"At Portsmouth Abbey, you have the unique ability to get very involved in a wide variety of things, and in doing so grow into a multi-faceted leader of your peers. You don’t just get to interact with people in class, in a club, or at practice—you see many of the same people in all of those things, and to top it off you (not me, I was a day student) live with them. Getting to know others and yourself in these different ways allows you to begin to hone leadership skills that will serve you well in the future, if you choose."

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Naya Onyiuke '14

"The best advice I could give to a current student is to challenge yourself at the Abbey and to never sell yourself short. Being there is such an incredible opportunity and often-times we get distracted as any person would, but really appreciate your time there and make the most of the experience."

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Emma Butler '16 Thumbnail

"You have so many tools at your fingertips that few have. After leaving the Abbey you’ll have an exceptional skill set that you can do anything with. Look at your classmates and roommates, and think about how together you could make a small impact on the world."

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Frank Loughran '15

"There are a plethora of faculty and students who are of the highest caliber at Portsmouth Abbey. They are your teachers, coaches, houseparents, team captains, prefects, but often they are your teammates, classmates, housemates, and friends. Seek these people out and get to know them well."

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Tina He

"The humanities program at Portsmouth Abbey School is life changing. It's fair to say these courses had opened up a new way of thinking for me. I have yet to experience such high-quality courses even at Cornell."

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Kate Lyons

"I still remember lessons I learned in our humanities classes about how to be more attentive readers and thinkers, something I found to be immensely valuable during my liberal arts education (and beyond)."

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