More than just a collection of gifts, support of Portsmouth Abbey School symbolizes a dedication to excellence in all aspects of life. It highlights the commitment of a devoted constituency whose combined resources help students grow in knowledge and grace.

$5.7M in scholarships distributed in the 2019-20 fiscal year

8-10% of the School’s operating budget is supported by the Annual Fund

45 athletic teams support a well-rounded experience

$17M Raised for our new Science Building, the largest single capital project in the School’s history

1400+ Ravens lent their support to our record-breaking Annual Fund campaign for FY20

20,000 feet of gold-clad wire used in the restoration of the Lippold sculpture in the Church of St. Gregory the Great

10 performing and visual arts courses available to foster creativity and develop an individual aesthetic

190+ endowed funds

1 gift can make all the difference. Will it be yours?

Why we give

Gus Gleason 07
The older I get, the more I look back on my time at the Abbey and realize how valuable it was. From the people I met to the values that I learned…it had a big influence on me. I owe so much to that place.


Dr. Gus Gleason
Class of 2007

Dr. Gus Cleason

Class of 2007

"During my time at the Abbey, I had a number of teachers who made a positive impression on me, so after graduating I decided to teach. I actually sent Mr. Sahms an email and apologized to him - I never realized how much work it was to be a teacher."

Cara Gontarz Hume 99
Every coach and teacher I had invested his or her time in me – not just academically or athletically, but in my whole self. Thanks to them, and to other mentors who believed in me along the way, I developed personally and professionally into the person who I am today.


Cara Gontarz Hume
Class of 1999

Ms. Cara Gontarz Hume

Class of 1999

"Students, after you graduate, use the alumni network. We'll all take a call from someone from the Abbey. And finally, give back. Be a mentor. Pay it forward."

William McCauley 79
I feel my experience at the Abbey (and my mom and dad) shaped my faith, my desire to pursue a career in public service and my work ethic, and prepared me well for the challenges of working as a prosecutor.


William McCauley
Class of 1979

Mr. William McCauley

Class of 1979

"It was at the Abbey that I was first exposed to a criminal trial, visiting Providence Superior Court as a Third Form student. I was enthralled and I knew this was the type of work I wanted to pursue."

Dr. Timothy Flanigan 75
You have no idea what you’ll be asked to do, but Portsmouth Abbey School doesn’t just want to impart knowledge. The School wants us to find out who we are called to be.


Dr. Timothy Flanigan
Class of 1975

Dr. Timothy Flanigan

Class of 1975

"The Abbey taught me that it's not about what we know. It's about how we can flourish as men and's about how we use what we know on Our Lord's behalf."