College Counseling

College Counseling

The Binder

The Binder

The College Counseling Binder serves as your guide from the moment you start thinking about college during Third Form year, through the application process, to the moment you deposit at the college of your choice at the end of Sixth Form. While it is not a substitute for the College Counseling Office, The Binder is a wonderful supplement to our programing, meant to help you stay on track and calm.

Portsmouth Abbey has three College Counselors: Corie McDermott-Fazzino, Director of College Counseling; Dr. Michael Bonin, Associate Director of College Counseling and Kate Smith, College Advisor; as well as an office coordinator, Lisa Kerr. While the intensive college counseling won’t start until your Fifth Form year, we do like to make ourselves available to you and your parents from the time you enter the Abbey.

College Counseling Staff


Fifth Form Fitch Program

Fitch Program

Fifth Form students and parents receive the opportunity to participate in a mock-college admissions process. Admissions representatives from a wide range of colleges and universities visit Portsmouth Abbey to offer an in-depth look into the application review process, using a mock college as a model.


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The Abbey College Counseling Office creates a supportive, empowering environment which encourages students to take ownership over the college process. We endeavor to work with students as individuals, to understand who they are beyond the classroom, and to help them find a college that will provide a challenging and comfortable environment for them on all levels. In addition to our extensive formal program, which starts in the Fifth Form, we also maintain an open-door policy to support students and families through this exciting time.

To schedule a visit to the college counseling office, please contact the Office Coordinator, Lisa Kerr, at 401-643-1254.