Standardized Testing

The testing landscape is always shifting. Colleges refine, and even seismically shift, their testing policies from year-to-year. Most colleges require a host of very specific tests, some colleges are test optional, and some are test blind. Because each school and program is different, it is best to consult individual college websites when researching requirements.

The College Counseling office helps students research requirements, identify an appropriate testing plan, and understand how those scores will shape the college process. We are here to help you navigate every part of this process.The mechanics of standardized testing is managed by the PAS Academic Office. Mrs. Kaye Caplin, the Registrar and  Director of Testing, facilitates student sign-ups and administers the SAT, ACT, APs. The Academic Office also helps organize rides to test sites off campus for the TOEFL.

The student is responsible for signing himself/herself up for each test and for sending test scores to colleges through and/or