For the 2020-2021 academic year, Portsmouth Abbey School and E&R – The Campus Laundry will once again partner to provide laundry services to all interested students to better meet our community’s needs. Anyone who has been in academia for a number of years comes to understand certain realities about student life; in particular that cleaning rooms and laundering clothes and bed sheets have become low priorities for many students, given their increasingly busy schedules.

For many years Portsmouth Abbey School has partnered with E&R Cleaners - The Campus Laundry. This has been a way that E&R can help ease students into campus life by offering them a break in their increasingly busy schedules. Today, the service E&R provides students is more valuable than ever. We are fortunate to have E&R’s near 100 years of cleaning expertise available to you and strongly recommend that you take advantage of their services to help your student keep as clean and safe as possible.

E&R takes takes the health and safety of each student and each of their employees seriously, Below are the
protocols E&R is following.

• E&R employees follow social distancing guidelines while on campus and in their facility.
• All employees including drivers are provided with gloves, masks and PPE while servicing the schools.
• Continuing our standard practice that every laundry bag is always washed each and every week.
• All stations at E&R are cleaned and sanitized several times per day, in accordance to CDC & WHO guidelines.
• Each delivery vehicle is cleaned and sanitized daily.

E&R offers a variety of plans that meet all wardrobes and budgets and are designed to allow students to
focus on their academics and make the most of their limited free time. We strongly recommend that you
consider one of E&R’s plans, which are currently available at E&R’s early registration rate. For a limited time, E&R is able to make this more convenient to you by offering a $50 reduction in price by signing up before August 15th.

By using E&R Cleaners - The Campus Laundry, students are able to:

• Feel confident your clothes and linens have been Certified E&R Clean
• Enjoy a healthy and clean lifestyle
• Focus on your academics and ease into campus life
• Maximize your FREE time: you’ve earned it
• Always look sharp and present yourself well

Over the years, E&R - The Campus Laundry has demonstrated a proven track record of providing Easy &
Reliable service to Portsmouth Abbey School students. As such, we encourage you to review the enclosed
materials, choose a plan, and ensure you maximize personal hygiene while making the most of your time
on campus

You can register for E&R’s services and obtain further information at,
through the school website or by phone at 800-243-7789. To receive early registration pricing, you
must register no later than August 15, 2020.