We offer transportation for many long weekends and breaks to TF Green and Logan airports as well as bus service to Greenwich, CT, and New York City. Public buses stop at the top of Cory's Lane heading into both Newport and Providence. Taxi cabs are readily available when needed.Portsmouth Abbey School provides transportation to New York, NY, Darien, CT, Boston Logan Airport and Providence TF Green airport for vacations and holiday weekends. Transportation to JFK airport is only provided for major school vacations. Transportation is not provided for the opening of school. Sign-up sheets are posted in the Mailroom prior to each vacation or holiday weekend. Bus transportation fees are charged to the student’s account. Fees vary depending upon number of passengers.

At the end of each vacation or long weekend, the School switchboard is staffed until 8:00pm to assist with any travel concerns. Students should have the School’s phone number (401-683-2000) and their houseparents' phone numbers stored in their cell phone.

The School is closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas and March vacations. Please plan accordingly.

Early Departures for vacations are considered unexcused. The School remains open one additional night at the start of a major vacation to accommodate students who are unable to obtain a flight on the day vacation begins. Weekend and Vacation Travel Permissions:

Contact the Student Life Office, Mrs. Elizabeth Cotta, 401-643-1247 or

Directions From TF Green (PVD) or Providence Train Station:

FROM TF GREEN AIRPORT: Public transportation to and from TF Green Airport and Newport is available on RIPTA or Peter Pan Bus.

FROM THE PROVIDENCE TRAIN STATION: Take taxi or walk to Kennedy Plaza for RIPTA bus to Newport (via West Main Road) and get off at the top of Cory’s Lane.


*We urge parents of underage travelers to contact the airline or rail company you are using to be certain of its underage/chaperone policy and procedure to ensure that your child’s travel to and from the school is as smooth as possible.

Transportation Services:

Austin Limousine Service (508-678-5500)

EAC Courtesy Transport (401-862-0926)

Land’s End Limousine (401-847-4883)

Leisure Limousine (401-683-2683)

Moonlite Limousine (401-847-7090)

Ocean State Limousine (401-826-4300), service 24/7

Rock Star Limo (401-619-3000)

A-1 Car and Cab (401-841-0411)

Orange Cab (401-841-0030)

Rainbow Sedans (401-849-1333)

Transportation Information for 

School Vacations