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"Science as part of an education is essential for those who wish to have a complete education.  

Science is a worthy study because in looking into nature itself, we are looking into God’s handiwork. Within the landscape of opportunities for service of mankind today, a significant portion requires a scientific solution. Portsmouth Abbey shares a unique opportunity and responsibility to provide the curriculum and facilities necessary to meet these current and future opportunities. "  -- Abbot Matthew Stark, O.S.B.

We invite you to tour our state-of-the-art facility:

Science Building News and Updates

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On June 30, 2020, Portsmouth Abbey School closed out a very successful Securing our Academic Future: Science in the 21st Century at Portsmouth Abbey campaign. Though the final fundraising push to reach the campaign’s $20M goal was thwarted by the world-wide coronavirus pandemic, the Portsmouth Abbey community nonetheless came together in response to last year’s $1M challenge and ultimately committed an extraordinary total of $17.1M toward the construction of the School’s new Science Building.

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The mission of Portsmouth Abbey School was on full display Saturday, September 21, 2019, when the monks, alumni, members of the Board of Regents, students, faculty and staff of Portsmouth Abbey School gathered under a four-peak tent on the Holy Lawn for a special ceremony to dedicate the School’s new Science Building.

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On January 4, 2019, as students and faculty made their way back to Cory’s Lane after a well-deserved Christmas break, the School’s new science building opened for class!

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Before students and faculty departed for Christmas vacation, they were treated to a sneak peek of the School's new science building.

Dr. Stephen Zins, head of the science department, delivered an inspiring Advent message encouraging the community to savor the opportunity to walk through the state-of-the-art facility: "The new science building is the culmination of years of planning, giving, and faith on the part of the monastery, administration, faculty, alumni, and staff - and you will be the first group to see it today," he said.

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In 2013, Portsmouth Abbey School’s Board of Regents selected architect Ellen Watts of Architerra in Boston, Massachusetts, to begin the conceptual design for what would eventually become plans for the School’s next major academic project – a state-of-the-art 21st-century science building.