Visual Arts Courses

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Portsmouth Abbey School is a motivating and competitive program that fosters creative ideas, allows students to communicate visually, and develop an appreciation for all forms of art.

Under the guidance of resident artist teachers, Portsmouth Abbey encourages students while building confidence and visual literacy through their own artwork.The oversized windows of our McGuire Fine Arts Center provide an abundance of natural light to our spacious open studios for painting, drawing and ceramics, while inspiring our students with panoramic views of our coastal campus. With additional studios for darkroom photography and digital media, our visual arts program serves as a catalyst for students to take risks, make connections with other academic courses and to cultivate new interests.  Our state-of-the-art digital lab, with 12 iMac computers equipped with Adobe Creative Suite, offers students the opportunity to hone graphics and digital photography skills and to become proficient at portfolio presentation.  Throughout the visual art curriculum, we ask students to think about how they are communicating their ideas, open pathways for cross-disciplinary collaborations and aesthetically analyze the works of their peers and other artists. Our curriculum can be tailored to a specific interest, from Fundamentals of Art to AP Art History. At Portsmouth Abbey, the visual arts program bridges the connections between our rigorous academic curriculum and personal expression.