Athletics Awards 2023


At the beginning of the year, I asked you all to take it to the next level and you lived up to it. You trained harder than you ever trained before, you competed harder than you ever competed before, and you succeeded more than we thought possible. To the sixth-formers, I only wish I had more time with you all. In high school athletics, we only go as far as the student leaders want to go and because of you we fulfilled more goals and went further than anyone expected. –Chris Milmoe, athletic director





Varsity Baseball  

The Baseball Coach’s Trophy: The Coach’s Trophy is presented to the player who best combines the highest level of leadership, skill and commitment. Matt Parella '23

MIP: Lukas Thompson '25

Captains Elect: Jack Beauchamp '24, Christopher Hahn '24 and Drew Pepi '24

Overall Record: 9-8   EIL Record: 6-1, EIL Champions 

EIL Player of the Year: Matt Parella '23

Coach of the Year: Derek Gittus 


Girls' Varsity Golf 

The Dorment Family Golf Trophy: A gift of the Dorment family, the trophy recognizes a member of the golf team who best exhibits the leadership, skill, humility, and passion for golf. Carly Costaregni '23 

MIP: Hannah Zelden '25

Captain Elect: Madi Harkins '24

Overall Record: 2-1-1 


Boys' Varsity Lacrosse 

The Frost Family Boys' Lacrosse Trophy: This trophy has been given to Portsmouth Abbey to recognize a member of the boys’ lacrosse team who has contributed in significant ways to the school’s lacrosse program and whose passion for the game is best exemplified by his leadership, fair play, and gentlemanly conduct.  Jack Lucey '23

MIP: Michael Foley '26

Captains Elect: Ethan Berry '24 , Angus Oliveria '24, Bruce Taylor '24 and Luca Sanders '24

Overall Record: 15-4   EIL Record: 6-1 

USA Lacrosse All Academic: Jack Lucey '23

All New England: Ethan Berry and Jack Lucey 

All New England HM: Angus Oliveria and Finn Gibbons '24

EIL All League: Jack Lucey, Luca Sanders, Charlie Townsend '24 and Joe Verderber '23

EIL HM: Chris Barnes '24, Liam Daly '26, Jonny Miller '24 and Bruce Taylor '24


Girls' Varsity Lacrosse 

The Girls' Lacrosse Trophy: A gift to Portsmouth Abbey by the Hannaford family, the Girls’ Lacrosse Trophy is presented each year to the player who best exhibits a strong desire to compete, a positive attitude, and humility both on and off the field, thus making her a natural and dependable leader. Alexis Dahlberg '23

MIP: Lily Atwell '24

Captains Elect: Lilly Coward '25, Dakota Ormiston '24 and Sadie Polgar '24

Overall Record: 7-10   EIL Record: 3-6 

EIL All League: Alexis Dahlberg and Sadie Polgar 

EIL All League HM: Lilly Coward  


Varsity Sailing 

The Robert Price Sailing Trophy: This trophy has been given by the family of Robert Price, Class of 1971, to the sailor whose skill, leadership and love of sailing have been of the greatest value to the members of the team. Liam Barry 

MIP: Morty Jiang '23

Captains Elect: Jack Conway '24, Mary Davidson '24, Charlotte West '24 and Ainsley West '24  

Overall Record: 10-9    NE Ranking 15 of 96, 2nd place in RI State Sailing Championship  


Varsity Softball

The Softball Coach’s Trophy: The Coach’s Trophy is presented to the player who best combines the highest level of leadership, skill and commitment. Sarah Edwards '23 

MIP: Elise Beland '25

Captains Elect: Gwen Canuel '25, Laney Harrold '24 and Abby Lawler '24

Overall Record: 12-3   EIL Record: 7-0, EIL Champions 

EIL Player of the Year: Dani Longumare '23  

Coach of the Year: Elliott Moffie  


Boys' Varsity Tennis  

The Boys' Tennis Coach’s Trophy: The Coach’s Trophy is presented to the player who best combines the highest level of leadership, skill and commitment.  Will Hurlbut '23 

MIP: Will Hurlbut 

Captains Elect: Ryan Ma '25 and Austin Zhao '24

Overall record: 8-7  EIL Record: 5-1, Qualified for NEPSAC Tournament


Girls' Varsity Tennis  

The Girls' Tennis Coach’s Trophy: The Girls' Tennis Coach’s Trophy is presented to the player who best combines the highest level of leadership, skill and commitment. Ale Cristiani '24

MIP: Bailey Howell '24

Captains Elect: Ale Cristiani, Bella No '24 and Bailey Howell 

Overall Record: 6-9   

EIL Record: 4-4 EIL Player of the Year: Ale Cristiani 


Boys' Varsity Track and Field

The Boys' Track Coach’s Trophy: The Boys' Track Coach’s Trophy is presented to a boy who best combines the highest level of leadership, skill and commitment. Obi Onwudiwe '23

Boys' MIP: Coleman Hayes '23

Boys' Captains Elect: Sean Brennan '24, Jonathan Karongo '24 and Tommy O’Hara '24

Overall Boys Record: 13-0   NEPSAC Champions   EIL Record: 6-0, EIL Champions 

EIL Player of the Year: Obi Onwudiwe  

Coach of the Year: Nick and Allie Micheletti 


Girls' Varsity Track and Field

The Girls' Track Coach’s Trophy: The Girls' Track Coach’s Trophy is presented to a girl who best combines the highest level of leadership, skill and commitment. Odunayo Adelaiye '25

Girls' MIP: Jillian Muglia '25

Girls' Captains Elect: Sophia Capone '24, Regan Landers '24 and Niamh Whelan '24

Overall Girls' Record: 10-3      EIL Record: 6-1 


Junior Varsity Awards  

Girls' JV Lacrosse: Whitaker Williams '26

Boys' JV Lacrosse: Max Varteresian '25

Girls' JV Tennis: Piper Torrey '24

Boys' JV Tennis: Eduardo Altamirano '25

Girls' JV Track: Natalie Frost '26

Boys' JV Track: Ethan Gerrior '26

JV Baseball: Dino DeMarzio '26

JV Sailing: Luca Donadio '26



“The winter athletic season is a beast. It is the longest season of the year, has a break right in the middle, travel can be daunting and the weather is uncooperative. But, I must say there was rarely a moment this winter when students weren't smiling and excited about their sport or activity they were doing. You all are amazing and you put a ton of work into your sports. It was a blast to watch.” –Chris Milmoe, athletics director

Boys' Basketball  

Coach’s Trophy: Bernard Dushie '23

MIP: Obi Onwudiwe '23

Captains-Elect: Slade Crouse '24 and Charlie Townsend '24

Overall record: 14-9  EIL Record: 7-4, 4th Place in EIL  

EIL All League: Bernard Dushie and Charlie Townsend

EIL Honorable Mention: Max Osei-Assibey '24

All NEPSAC Team: Bernard Dushie  

NEPSAC HM: Charlie Townsend  

Coach of the Year: Clarence Chenoweth  


Girls' Basketball  

The Pfeffer Cup: Sarah Edwards '23

MIP: Jenny Rivera '26

Captain Elect: Grace Connaughton '24

Overall Record: 5-13  EIL Record: 2-7 

EIL All League: Dami Opawumi '23

EIL Honorable Mention: Grace Connaughton 


Boys' Ice Hockey  

The Andrew M. Hunt and Carol Meehan Hunt Boys' and Girls' Hockey Trophy: Jack Baird '23 and Michael Patko '23

MIP: Jack Lucey '23

Captains-Elect: Chris Hahn '24, Patrick McDevitt '24 and Luke Stock '24

Overall Record: 13-11-3   HOLT Record: 8-2-2   

HOLT All League: Josh Bonrouhi '23, Jack Baird and Patrick McDevitt  


Girls' Hockey  

The Andrew M. Hunt and Carol Meehan Hunt Boys' and Girls' Hockey Trophy (Career): Isabella DiReda '23

MIP (Most Impactful Season): Ashtyn Bringardner '23

Captains-Elect:  Lucy Verderber '24 and Zoe Rosenberg '24 Assistant Captains-Elect: Mila Smith '24 and Sophia Capone '24

Overall Record 19-5-3, Qualified for Dorothy Howard Small School Tournament  

EIL Record: 9-0-0 EIL Champions 

EIL All League: Ashtyn Bringardner, Isabella DiReda and Danielle Longuemare '23

EIL Honorable Mention: Sara DeSousa '23 and Erin McNamara '23

EIL Co-Player of the Year: Ashtyn Bringardner  


Boys' Squash 

Carlos Xavier Araujo '96 Memorial Trophy: Will Hurlbut '23

MIP: Fletcher Reilly '23

Captains-Elect: Austin Zhao '24 and Victor Xu '24

Overall Record: 10-7 


Girls' Squash  

Coaches Trophy: Charlotte West '24

MIP: Bella No '24

Captains-Elect: Mary Davidson '24 and Charlotte West 

Overall Record: 9-6 2023   New England Prep School Class D Champions   EIL Record 4-2  

EIL All League: Charlotte West and Alessandra Cristiani '24

EIL Honorable Mention: Alexis Dahlberg '23



Coach’s Trophy: Garrett Roskelly '23 

MIP: Sean Oh '24

Captains-Elect: Daniella Gasso '24, Tommy O’Hara '24, Sean Oh  

Overall Record: 17-9  EIL Record: 6-2 

EIL All League: Dino De Marzio '25, Connor Lynn '23, Tommy O’Hara, Sean Oh, Atticus Bonny '24, Garrett Roskelly  

EIL Honorable Mention: Daniella Gasso, Dahmaux Kouassi-Brou '23, Tiger Li '24, Jason Xing '26 

All Americans: Daniella Gasso  


JV Awards 

The Portsmouth Abbey Junior Varsity Award is given to the athlete who best demonstrates the spirit of Abbey Athletics. The award recognizes hard work, individual improvement, sportsmanship, and a willingness to do what is best for the team. 

Boys' JVA Basketball: Jonathan Karongo '24

Boys' JVB Basketball: Max Varteresian '25

Girls' JV Basketball: Rebecca Osei-Assibey '26

Girls' JVA Squash: Regan Landers '24

Boys' JVA Squash: Felix Cristiani Delpree '26

Girls' JVB Squash: Monique Hwang '24

Boys' JVB Squash: Jack Forbes '26

Girls' JV Hockey: Mariana McKeating '23

Boys' JV Hockey: Liam Barry '23 and Osinachi Onwudiwe '25

JV Wrestling: Aidan Sainte '25