The aim of Portsmouth Abbey School is to help young men and women grow in knowledge and grace. Grounded in the Catholic faith and 1500-year old Benedictine intellectual tradition, the School fosters:

REVERENCE for God and the human person

Our conviction at Portsmouth Abbey School is that God is at the very center of the human search for meaning and that the perennial human questions - Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? How do I get there? - all find their answer in God. Accordingly, we seek to promote in the lives of our students a lifelong search for God as the beginning and end of their lives. This spiritual education of the heart, soul, and mind is the basis for intellectual and academic work at Portsmouth Abbey School.

RESPECT for learning and order

We believe it is vitally important to introduce our students to the classics and the best of the Western intellectual tradition, which includes both the humanities and the sciences. Portsmouth Abbey School develops the mind, heart and body through an integrated and ordered progression of learning in a structured environment. Our students are provided an excellent opportunity to discover fundamental truths, beliefs and texts that have challenged every generation since antiquity, and to develop an abiding love of learning.

RESPONSIBILITY for the shared experience of community life

We are committed to living as a community that values each of its members. Portsmouth Abbey School is inspired by a monastic presence and the Benedictine tradition of common life that includes prayer, study, work and recreation. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds while encouraging an appreciation for the Catholic faith. We seek to honor the dignity of every person as a child of God, and strive to nurture the talents of each individual for service and leadership in our own community and in the larger world.