School Life

Imagine these next four years. What do you see? In what direction do you want to grow?
Your high school years reveal so much about your future self, the adult you are becoming. And the place in which you spend those years imbues you with certain enduring qualities. Students undergo a definite transformation during their time at Portsmouth Abbey and build unique traditions and memories. And it's a transformation they never forget.

Create your own tradition at Portsmouth Abbey School.

I've seen a lot of shy kids turn into really outgoing people here, and a lot of that has to do with feeling so comfortable and at home in the House.

At the core of the mission of Portsmouth Abbey School is the desire to "grow in knowledge and grace" in a life dedicated to Christ. In light of this basic apostleship, the spiritual life of the school is inspired by the Benedictine ideal of a community life of work and prayer ("ora et labora"). As Saint Benedict sought in his Rule for monks, so too does the school community seek a life of spiritual growth, centered in intellectual development and balanced with physical and social activities, recreation and rest. To this end, oriented by the Catholic tradition, we offer a comprehensive and structured academic, athletics and residential life program.

If you ask a Raven why he or she chose to spend his or her high school years at the Abbey, you're likely to hear a recurring answer – "because of the people I met when I visited."That's because at Portsmouth Abbey, we place a very high value on living in a close-knit community. We are fiercely loyal. We support each other through triumphs and challenges. We arrive as strangers and quickly grow into friends.  And we keep those bonds of friendship alive long after we leave.